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I decided a little while back that as I approach 30, it’s appropriate to invest a bit of money in improving the quality of alcoholic beverages available to me in my house. This is where I’ve got to so far…


Having bought some nice French wine crates to use as shelves, I needed to fill them! Running along the top we’ve got an assortment of Bristol Beer Factory stouts (from their 12 stouts of Christmas), then in the top right box from left to right – Pabst Blue Ribbon (drink of choice for yesterday’s hipster), then Brooklyn Brewery Brown Ale, East India Pale Ale, Brooklyn Lager and Black Chocolate Stout (I was feeling nostalgic for my trip to America last year).

Bottom left are 3 big bottles from Brooklyn Brewery – Sorachi Ace, Local 1 and Local 2 – all pretty expensive and rare in the UK.

Bottom middle is spirits – Bruichladdich’s Laddie Ten, Dalwhinnie and lovely oily Bathtub Gin. Also there’s some sweet Kraken Rum on the far left.

Bottom right at the front is a few more of the same Brooklyns plus some Summer staples – Hoegaardens and Blue Moon.

Hidden at the back there are some classic glass Coke bottles and some Bundaberg root beer that I found in Waitrose which has an interesting flavour but doesn’t quite hit the spot compared to Mug or A&W.

There. That was self-indulgent!

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Just dropping a few links here from things that were good at Greenbelt…

The Story That Loves To Be Told from ikon’s event.

Nadia Bolz-Weber’s Communion Sermon

If the good news is about me doing something then I’m screwed.

The message “here’s the problem and here’s what you can do about it” has never been good news to me.

- Nadia Bolz-Weber

To tell the truth is not easy.
Especially to ourselves.
- Peter Rollins

Beckon us beyond the borders of our belonging.
- Padraig O’Tuama

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I asked…
I didn’t get what I asked for.

I still ask…
I still don’t get what I ask for.

I sought…
I’m not sure what I hoped to find.

I still seek…
But now I’m blind.

I knocked…
Defiantly closed remained the door.

I still knock…
I guess I’d better knock some more.

I stopped…
I couldn’t stop.

I waited…
I still wait.

So does he.

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From about 3:30 onwards…

BANDWIDTH / Foy Vance from Bandwidth on Vimeo.

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I’ve been blessed and been chosen
for a life of sufficiency
needs met in an instant
through unfair prosperity.

There’s a mountain of wants
always one step ahead of me
and it’ll continue for years
through modern medical longevity.

A small god am I
with whims I must satisfy
then I’m on to the next thing
always searching for novelty.

The rat race keeps running
testing rodent ability
hoping that I don’t glimpse
the inherent futility.

When did we relinquish
our human civility
selling our souls
for more profit ability?

I’ve been burdened and cursed
with a life of sufficiency
no need for grace
and no place for humility

But there’s a voice from the outside
that questions me intimately
is this gospel prosperity
or is there good news in poverty?

And despite all my stuff
I’ve got a fear of inadequacy
I can’t love my neighbour
because I covet his property.

I’ve been burned and been broken
by a life of sufficiency
and my only outlet
is through my hipster poetry.

Whoah! – meta.

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Mod Fox
Mod Fox is gonna get you

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