This thing called Instaprint caused a bit of a stir a little while back. The idea is it sits on the wall at a party/conference/whatever and then as people post photos to Instagram at the event, the printer finds and prints them automatically…


Pretty cool and it’ll cost you a cool $5000 to rent it for half a day at your event! So some people over at some other creative agency came up with a cheaper solution using a Polaroid PoGo, cunningly named Cheapstaprint


The great thing about the PoGo is that it’s designed to be wireless (unfortunately the battery life is terrible so it doesn’t really work out that way) so that you can send it photos from your mobile phone over bluetooth on the move. According to the blog post, they’re running some PHP (and maybe some Python?) on a nearby old computer (an Apple, I think) to do all the Instagram hunting and then push the photos to the PoGo over bluetooth. Simple enough and given the PoGo costs around £60, a much cheaper solution.

I’ve had the PoGo for a while and it doesn’t see a lot of use and now I have a Raspberry Pi and am looking for ways to play with it. Tiny computer + tiny printer = of course I’m gonna give it a go!

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