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flyposter Manchester : Bless Those Who Curse You

This is the work of Micah Purnell who’s been fly-posting non-advertising around Manchester for the last 3 years. You can see more here. It reminded me of Brian McLaren’s phrase “improvised encouragement devices” in Everything Must Change.

Love the text of this one…

flyposter Manchester : If You Don't Design The Future

If you don’t design the future, someone else will.
Produce nothing with your talent, be it art or hospitality, and you will receive nothing.
Generosity takes practice.
The bold will be humble and productive with it; especially in the face of our daily rights.
This will enrich our character.
Find favour in the eyes of God and lift a sweet scent.
It only takes a step to head in the right direction.

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Imminent and absent
Found in our seeking
Yet lost in the finding
God is nowhere
God is now here

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