In Danny Boyle’s latest film, based on a true story, James Franco plays a lone thrill-seeker who while climbing in Utah’s slot canyons dislodges a boulder that falls and traps the lower part of his right arm against the canyon wall. Unable to free himself or shift the boulder and not having told anyone where he was going, he gradually comes to realise that if he wants to leave the canyon alive, it’s going to have to be without his arm!

A bit of a break-out role for James Franco (who’s previously probably most famous for playing Harry in the Spiderman films), the cinematography is stunning, the use of music and sound excellent and when the inevitable time comes, the gore is enough to make you feel it but not gratuitous. That said, it’s not for those of a fragile constitution – you could feel the whole cinema was wincing and gasping as one. The whole film is pretty edge-of-the-seat stuff!