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Indiana Jones and the Crystal Skull

It wasn’t really surprising that it was bad – it was always going to be hard to recapture the magic of Last Crusade – but it was disappointing that it was quite so bad considering how long they’d had to think about it!

I think my problems with the film can be boiled down to these two facts:

  1. Early on in the film Indy survives a nuclear test by HIDING IN A FRIDGE!
  2. The Crystal Skull turns out to be an alien head and everything goes a bit X-Files after that. I always thought the “magical” bits in the other films (the opening of the ark in Raiders, the bit where the guy drinks from the wrong grail in Last Crusade and large chunks of Temple of Doom) were weak points of the films. Aliens and Indy just don’t fit together.

I really wanted it to be good. I now hope they don’t make Back To The Future 4 or Ghostbusters 3!

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Helen and I went ice skating at Somerset House at the weekend which was very Christmassy. I took the opportunity to test out the video on my phone. Turn on the sound and watch out for the little boy zooming across the front and the kid in the middle of the ice rink trying to get up!

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